Case Studies

Product applications success stories

Municipality Minimizes Disruption Using Flexible Metal Piping
A new construction was connected to a city district heating system with minimal disruption using Brugg flexible piping.
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SchuF cam-set casestudy image
A New Cam-Set Line Blind Throttling Solution
The SchuF Cam-set was modified to provide a quick-change, low-maintenance throttling solution.
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How a Fire at a Lubricants Plant Sparked Innovation
A fire in a customer facility led to the development of the Conval Clampseal Fire-Safe valve.
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Network-wide Benefits for a Natural Gas Utility
A major natural gas distribution company replaced plug valves with Boehmer Ball valves for massive savings.
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Conval Valves Deliver Major Savings in SAGD
In-line repairable valves led to significant maintenance savings in a SAGD facility when installed on their boiler blowdown line.
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Multi-use Desuperheater (Attemperator) in a Pulp Mill
A pulp and paper mill switched to HORA desuperheaters and benefited from 3 times the service life of previous products.
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Providing Better Pump Protection at a Reduced Cost
The HORA ARC valve provided massive time savings in a demanding service with no signs of wear.
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Valves Excel in High Pressure at Ethylene Plant
Having excelled in a 3 year test period at a high-pressure ethylene facility, the Conval Clampseal became the plant's standard.
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Maintenance-free KGVs for Recycled Paper Mills
A Stafsjo valve outperformed previous valves by 2-4x in demanding service, establishing the record for being maintenance-free.
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