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A.R.I. produces efficient and user-friendly irrigation and wastewater air valves. Working collaboratively with clients, A.R.I. provides custom solutions to reliably protect pipeline systems from damaging forces. Armour Valve supplies A.R.I. to customers in Western Canada.

AUMA manufactures  electric actuators and valve gearboxes that deliver trouble-free operation and long service life. AUMA’s flexible and modular product range can be applied to solve a variety of customer actuation requirements. Armour Valve is AUMA's representative in Atlantic Canada.

Boehmer has distinguished itself as the isolation valve of choice in gas applications requiring superior performance and dependability. Boehmer ball valves offer customers a long service life and require no routine maintenance. Armour Valve is Boehmer's representative in Canada and supplies the U.S. district energy market.

Brugg is a full-service provider of flexible piping systems that minimize construction times and allow for interruption-free service upgrades. Brugg also supplies conventional rigid piping, making them a one-stop shop for quality piping. Armour Valve supplies Brugg to the district energy market in Canada and the USA.

Conval supplies the industry's most rugged, in-line repairable valves with the lowest lifecycle cost. As a leader in severe service, Conval specializes in extreme condition applications with all products exceeding the industry standard. Armour Valve is Conval's representative in Canada.

Dragon Valves Inc. manufacture power valves in accordance with ASME Section III Class 1, 2 and 3. All valves are designed, machined, assembled, and tested in Norwalk, California. Armour Valve is Dragon Valve's representative in Canada.


Flow Control Industries, Inc. (FCI) is a specialty manufacturer of high-performance pressure independent control valves, delivering energy efficient products and services through a consultative process to increase building value and lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Used in projects all over the world, DeltaPValves are consistently saving customers millions of dollars in first costs, operating costs, and deferred capital costs.

Fossil Power Systems is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of firing equipment and safety systems for the power generation, pulp and paper, and petrochemical industries. Armour Valve representatives Fossil Power Systems products in Canada and supplies the Fuel Gas and Liquid Handling Valves in Eastern Canada.

HORA has a passion for reliability and precision, coupled with a commitment to customer-orientated solutions and technical innovation. Armour Valve supplies quality products from HORA’s Power Technology and Flow Control divisions. Armour Valve is HORA's representative in Canada.

Onyx Valve Company manufactures revolutionary flow control products to meet varied variety of process needs. Onyx offers cost-effective solutions of a simple design that allows for ease of maintenance and dependability. Armour Valve supplies Onyx across Canada.

OPW/Hiltap makes innovative high- and low-pressure and -temperature sealing couplings, connectors, and product-recovery/pipeline-cleaning technologies for use in demanding liquid-handling applications. Armour Valve supplies Hiltap fittings across Canada.

Persta manufactures forged valves for demanding service. Engineered for high-pressure applications. Persta valves offer leak tightness, low maintenance costs, and a long service life. Armour Valve is Persta's representative in Canada

Working closely with customers, SchuF can invent, design and manufacture custom solutions to meet specific operating requirements. SchuF manufactures a broad range of process-critical solutions. Armour Valve is SchuF's representative in Canada

SOMAS instrument AB develops, produces and markets control- and on/off-valves made of stainless acid-proof steel. SOMAS valves, actuators and accessories are suitable for most business areas. Armour Valve is SOMAS’s representative in Canada.

Stafsjo manufactures modularly designed knife gate valves that offer ease of maintenance and low-life cycle costs. Stafsjo valves are designed with guided gates for high performance and a first-rate sealing system that helps to deliver a reliable shut-off. Armour Valve is Stafsjo's representative in Canada

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