Brugg CASAFLEX Pre-insulated Flexible Pipe


Achieve hassle-free installation and a long service life with CASAFLEX, the pre-insulated flexible stainless steel pipe system from Brugg.

The simple connection technology makes for ease of installation and requires no welding nor calibration tools. Using CASAFLEX saves time and money on on-site preparation and labour by using continuous coils of pipe that can be routed easily in a narrow trench and around any obstacles or utilities in the ground, no expansion loops required.

  • Flexible, pre-insulated stainless steel pipe for District Energy hot water service building connections,
  • 25 bar / Temperature 160 deg. C
  • Stainless steel spiral-corrugated carrier pipe, self-cleaning and self-compensating, no expansion loops required
  • CFC-free Polyisocyanorate (PIR) foam insulation
  • Monitoring wires for leak detection
  • Continuous length in coils eliminating multiple welds/joints
  • Sizes 3/4” to 4”





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